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Jarren Benton - Freebasing lyrics

Oh my God, man
What the fuck is going on, man?
I canít feel my fucking face, dude,
I canít feel my fucking face, dude.
Oh my God, oh my God!
Mom, mom!

2pac back, 2pac dead, see I ainít put a price on his head.
Walk with a motherfuckin knife by my leg, woke up with a couple dikes in the bed.
Redneck nigga Bud Light in the keg, rainman holed all up in the head.
Iím so big, donít knock with the mess, back hand hoes and Iím out with they friend.
Okay, Jarren, sweep the leg, basket list and easter eggs
The cameraman take that danger, she donít need them, Iím gonna keep the head.
Murder, murder, kill, kill, atleast that's what the reaper said.
And I know why I'd rather save these bullets and make you eat the lead.
Get it? I said, eat the lead,
hit a motherfucker with the infrared
There my bad man link for it, sneak in niggers, you ainít affair.
Go home, nigí, best knock us neat, and you bitch will be in the band
Call that bitch, meant the brand, thatís Ďcause hard names melt the brand.
Whatís the hard need wonít if you donít? I said, than Iím gonna lent my brake.
Shot myself in the leg, look down at it then it bled.
I didnít need that piece so I cut it off and threw it in the shed
Yes, I got five mighters on my hand, bitch, Iím no kid the friend.
Two, girl, but I got a rule, girl, that I go through you bitch when I do you
Iím gonna leave you next time I see ya, I will act like I never knew ya
Call from cuba back to the future, then i scuba dive in aruba
With two losers bitch Iím cooler, Jarren Benton, a ruler.
Youíre stuck in a piece like Luda, bitch, Iím about my good up
Yes, I fuck that hoes and we get ice cream on some brusters.
Bitch, Iím stuck in this small and I might just rip your spine now.
Grown up as same dope and fucked up Amy Winehouse.
Iím out, sike back in, mac ten, I make you do a fucking back spin
Sipping coke and cab.
Diable, slam the motherfucker in the trashcan.
Legend in the making, bitches wanna rape Ďem
White boysí mad, Ďcause I free based with Kevin Bacon.
Shout out to my chick and eating niggers down in megan.
And if these niggers sleeping, weíre about to wake Ďem.
I got hoes on my dick, donít you think thatís sick?
Why? Bitch, literally, I got hoes on my dick.
Jumping out on cobra starships wanna start
Shit, imma punch a hole in your chest, rip out your fucking heart and beat it.
Rap gameís anargon, got these niggers panicking
Whoop a niggerís ass and I ride wid 'em in the ambulance.
Iím ill enough to blow a hole in my dick,
And this is just the intro, so niggers, know that Iím sick.

Oh my God, oh my God!
Mom, mom! Mom!
Preston is freebasing with Kevin Bacon
Starring Jarren Benton and Kato
Oh my God, mom!
Mom! My dick is falling off!
Mom, my dickís falling off, mom!
Mom! Mom, I canít see my dick anymore, mom!
MOM! MOM! This track was ready.
Mom! Mom! Hey, mom! Oh my God.

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